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Racial Equity Education & Awareness

Now more than ever, people are calling for more than statements of solidarity. In the midst of our turbulent social and political climate, individuals and organizations are understanding the importance and need for racial equity education and awareness. Since 2006, Christine has worked with government, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to implement policies and procedures to help eradicate social and racial injustices. Although every training and workshop is customized to the needs of the audience, sessions generally include an in-depth review of the history of racism in America as well as pedagogy on institutional and structural racism designed to further awareness on inherent biases, microaggressions and privilege. Although there is often a desire to start “doing the work,” it is important for individuals to learn contextual history and theory before confronting the legacies of racism, homophobia, sexism and other intersectional modes of oppression.

Areas of Expertise

  • DEI

Christine partners with schools and libraries for consulting on educational equity, literacy advocacy, teacher training, and workshops for k-12 students as part of the Anti-Defamation League's No Place for Hate initiative. Click here to access her work on the Empowering Educators series in partnership with First Book and Pizza Hut's The Literacy Project.

Christine works with organizations for introductory and advanced training on Race, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion including the development of strategic plans for systemic change. Whereas many individuals are aware of the popular adage that diversity is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice, and equity is having that voice be heard, Christine also incorporates race into her workshops. Successful DEI requires an understanding of the root causes of disparities within our society.

Christine provides training for schools and organizations on the history of race and racism with a specific focus on the impact of American slavery and its lasting implications. The evolution of race as a social construct is heavily rooted in the transatlantic slave trade and the unlawful appropriation of Indigenous lands. Therefore, Christine's workshops provide a comprehensive history of race and racism in America.

Christine provides training and workshops for schools and organizations on using storytelling as tool for social change. Core areas of focus include (1) understanding the power of stories to enhance reach, resources and impact; (2) the key elements of writing compelling and motivating narratives; and (3) how to develop a storytelling strategy to advance organizational mission and goals.

Author Readings & Virtual Classroom Visits

Christine has always enjoyed visiting schools, libraries and bookstores to help young people develop a love for reading and engage audiences in celebrating representation in literature. And this work continues virtually! During the 2020-2021 school year, all virtual classroom visits are $1000 for two sessions/classrooms. Christine has worked with young people in District of Columbia Public Schools, Montgomery County Public Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Charlottesville City Public Schools, St. Louis Public Schools and Library, ‘No Place for Hate’ designated institutions and numerous private and independent schools. Please note a discounted rate is available for Title I and select charter schools.